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Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Zade, Günther.


This paper is entitled " Advancement in Maritime Technology and its impact on safety". In 1964 Diebold stated " THE EFFECTS OF THE TECHNICAL REVOLUTION WE ARE NOW LIVING THROUGH WILL BE DEEPER THAN ANY SOCIAL CHANGE WE HAVE EXPERIENCED BEFORE “ It is twenty three years now since Diebold gave the statement and he surely could not be more right if a close look is conducted on what is happening today. This paper is written with the aim of bringing to the people's awareness,the current level of advanced maritime technology and its impact on safety. The methodology used has been collection of data from books, international and national organizations and firms through correspondence, proceedings from seminars, lectures given in class, individuals, colleagues, etc. This data was then processed and compiled to form the paper. The paper starts with an overview of the different transportation modes before going into the maritime industry. The paper covers a wide range of the maritime industry but emphasis is given to what is happening at sea especially in the nautical field where the author spent thirteen years of his working life before embarking into teaching. Effects of advanced maritime technology towards safety are covered throughout the paper and examples have been given where more emphasis was deemed necessary. The paper is slightly technical but very much within the scope of understanding of many people connected with the shipping industry. The paper winds up with the following recommendations:- 1. Shipping should be given due consideration in all countries. 2. Governments should continue delegating responsibilities to non- government institutions where it is in the interest of all parties. 3. Technology based training should be used where appropriate. 4. The implications of purchasing highly sophisticated second hand vessels should be considered before doing it. 5. Technology must be allowed to advance. 6. A deep desire to prevent accidents must be cultivated to ail people involved with maritime affairs.