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Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Zade, Günther.


“IMPROVEMENT OF MARITIME EDUCATION AND TRAINING IN IRAN TOWARDS THE RATIFICATION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF STCW CONVENTION" \ International conventions which Iran is a party to, are : - Safety of life at sea (SOLAS) I960 - Load line CLL) 1966 - Tonnage Measurement 1969 - Fund 1971 But there are a number of international codes,conventions, and other instruments related directly or indirectly to maritime education and training to which Iran is not a party . Such instruments are those adopted by I.L.O, I.T.U, and I.M.O,. It is very difficult to deal in detail with specific requirements of all conventions concerned. Furthermore , it is not intended nor within purpose of this project to go into details of those instruments, therefore it is appropriate to deal excusively with the 1978 STCW Convention as the title of this paper indicates. Iran could not attended the International Conference on Training and Certification of sea fareres held in London in 1978.A first step towards ratification of the STCW 1978 Convention is that, in the revised Iranian Maritime iii Code,the STCW Convention and the compliance with its requirements has been mentioned and accepted in principle. So the aim of this paper is to discuss all technical requirements of the convention. Also, I will try to touch on some of the associated policy ,administration , and organisational implementions, invalved in the preparation of the required means and instruments, one by one and I will go through the ratification and implementation process of the-STCW Convention. Once Iran ratifies the STCW Convention there will be a total fundemental change of its training system and certificate structure to be more in line with that of the Convention.Among others the trading limits will be revised to constitute two trading limits namely :near coastal and unrestricted . In this paper , an attempt has been made to plan and recommend a suitable procedure from the begining of the ratification of the convention to the mandatory requirements and courses to compLy with the STCW Convention and drafting of the subsidiary (relevant) legislation.