Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Mulders, Joseph H.


This thesis makes some proposals for the idea of the possibility of a satellite of navigation system based on the geostationary orbit and the possibily of its integration with satellite communication system for civilian use. At present time only the satellite communication systems based on the geostationary orbit and the advantages and desadvantages of this orbital system in the integration process are examined also. This integration process encounters many difficulties and problems relating to non -compatibility of systems, cost, military uses, political reasons and others. When all the advantages and desadvantages of the above approach are taken to consideration, it is being suggested that only a satellite navigation system based on the geostationary orbit can provide the solution to the problems. In outline, the thesis reviews the satellite communication system,gives a general examination and study of geostationary orbit and satellites and range measurements. Under the idea of integration, the actual problem, the requirements and proposals are discussed. A study on the accury and limitations of a geostationary satellite navigation system have been undertaken and solutions have been suggested. In more specific terms it has been recommended that: 1) A constellation of six (6) satellites for vavigation based on the geostationary orbit should be adequate for worldwide coverage limited to latitude upto 70 degrees North and 70 degrees South. IV 2) Three (3) Northern and three (3) Southern Molnya- type satellites should be necessary to complete the worldwide coverage above 70 degrees North and 70 degrees South and area not covered by the constel 1 ati on o-f six (6) geostationary satellites navigation as above mentioned. 3) Accuracy position -fixing with two (2) satellites may approach less than 100 metres.- 4) The integrated system discussed in this thesis should be under the control and operation o-f INMARSAT.