Myat Moe

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Wagner, Bertil.


This dissertation is a research into a study of teaching automation for marine engineers which is conducted at the Institute of Marine Technology (IMT)of the Union of Myanmar as related to the Fundamentals of Automation, Instrumentation and Control systems, module 9 of IMO model course 7.02. This course is now included in the mandatory part of STCW Code A of the revised STCW Convention. An examination is made of the fundamentals of ship automation and a brief overview is given of the modem developments in ship automation system. This includes modem developments in main engine automation, navigation/ bridge control, integrated control ship, condition monitoring systems and programmable controller. The author has attempted to analyse the present syllabus on Automation, Instrumentation and Control Systems ( AICS ) course conducted at IMT and related subjects conducted in recent education and training schemes for marine engineers in Myanmar. Comparisons of the IMO model course and IMT’s AICS course are presented emphasising entry standards, subject outline and detailed teaching syllabus. Then the author proposes ways and means to improve the course to meet the requirements of the IMO model course. The author also suggests the promotion of some related subjects to support the AICS course by using teaching aids and some courses which are recently available in IMT. The modem developments in ship automation are very rapid and dramatic. In this regard, a brief syllabus for the near future is also proposed to cope with modem developments. A number of recommendations are also made to harmonise with the course to be promoted.