Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Administration & Environmental Protection


Malmö, Sweden



First Advisor

Langjord, Tore.


The dissertation deals with the implementation of the International Management Code (ISM Code) for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention by Flag States. A detailed analysis of the International Safety Management Code has been undertaken. The role of the human factor in maritime accidents has been explained. The ISM Code implementation will require vessel operators to impose strict regimes for documentary processes and practices on board their ships. It will demand that this documentation is actively reviewed and updated. The Code requires a safety management system (SMS) to be established by the shipowner or manager to ensure compliance with all mandatory regulations and codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and others are taken into account. The main part of this dissertation contains details about how to achieve the ISM Code certification process; the standards, responsibilities, qualifications and training of personnel pertaining to Administrations or other recognized institutions acting on behalf of the Administration that will be in charge of the Audit process are described. The dissertation finishes with conclusions and recommendations for a successful implementation of the ISM Code in the shipping companies and the fulfillment of the Audits carried out by Administrations.