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Master of Science in Maritime Affairs


Maritime Education & Training


Malmö, Sweden



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Mathieu, Charles E.


This paper is specifically directed towards the maritime education and training of Pakistan. The objectives of this paper are explained in the following paragraphs. .1 In countries where shipping activities are not sizable the maritime institutions have to justify their survival. There are questions asked about the cost effectiveness of the maritime educational institutions. There is an acute need to publicise the importance of such education and training. With reasons for having it in specialised institutions. .2 The present slump in shipping has rendered many useful technical personnel (seafarers) jobless. One of the major reasons is the non-equivalence of maritime educational systems with the regular national academic educational systems. It is of paramount importance to eliminate this reason and so ease the pressures on the shipping industry and its personnel. Doing this will help the general national policies of rooting out the social evils of unemployment. .3 we are passing through the end of a technological era. This fact is to be taken seriously. a review of the entire maritime education and training system is the need of the time. In this paper I have tried to provide one possible way of solving these problems. Particularly in the context of Pakistani environment