Most Recent Additions*


TRACEr-MAR: Technique for the retrospective & predictive analysis of cognitive errors adapted to the maritime domain
Jens-Uwe Shröder-Hinrichs, Armando Graziano, Aditi Kataria, and Gesa Praetorius


Limitations of the Swedish network coordination of oil spill preparedness
Jonas Pålsson, Lawrence Hildebrand, and Olof Lindén


Development of a holistic maritime energy management programme at the postgraduate level: the case of WMU
Aykut I. Ölçer, Fabio Ballini, Momoko Kitada, and Dimitrios Dalaklis


Bridging the LNG knowledge gap in the Baltic Sea region: the Go LNG initiative and the establishment of a competence centre
Dimitrios Dalaklis, Aykut Ölcer, Josefin A. Madjidian, Fabio Ballini, and Momoko Kitada

*Updated as of 06/28/17.